Photographer: Rune Snellman | Year: 2005 | Location: Kokkola/Trullevinokka

The Centre for Creative Photography

The Centre For Creative Photography Association was set up in May 1989 in Jyväskylä, Finland, being the first regional photographic centre in Finland.The Centre for Creative Photography is an association dedicated to advancing photography as an art form and making it more widely known among the public. The association is also concerned with bettering the overall conditions shared by photographers in its given area. Yet another focal point is furthering both domestic and international contacts.

The Centre serves as a regional institution promoting photographic art in Central Finland. Being part of a national network of photographic centres, it also looks beyond its own area. The profile of exhibitions and educational activities is mainly focused on contemporary photography and between art photography and visual arts.

The members of the association are professional and non-professional photographers and artists. The Centre provides darkroom facilities for member and workshop use as well as computer lab for photo editing and printing.

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